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How to earn points

Sat Jan 11, 2014, 8:03 AM
Yeah. My articles are based off of FAQs :XD: But I've had a lot of people ask me this so I'm gonna try my best to answer it. I won't guarantee that you'll be a multi-millionaire and able to swim in a pool of points but I can help you earn some. :giggle: 

For starters, I have to tell you what points are! You can't earn them if you don't know what they are. :lol:

To me, points are the currency of dA but they are worthless unless they were earned using the commissions widget, which I will talk about later in this article. But having a lot of it can be good and bad in a way. 

Let me start you off with the bad :noes:

:bulletred: People will ask you for it! (Not that giving is a bad thing but once you get a page full of comments asking "points plz" you'll wish you've never had any of those wretched things. :nuu:

Now for the good :la:

:bulletgreen: Giving points to people can make then happy! :dummy:
:bulletgreen: You can buy almost anything with them. (Premium memberships, prints, commissions, etc..)
:bulletgreen: There is only one bad side! xD

So now you think you know everything you need to know about points?

Oh god, we're not even close! I haven't even told you how to earn them! 

Now, there are multiple ways to earn points here and I'll provide you with the most known ways (or just the ones I know). :giggle:

Point Accounts

Yes, point accounts, accounts like dAhub and dATrade are the ones I'm talking about (also because they are the most trusted accounts I know that deals with points, their accounts are bot run to prevent any failures.). They are one of the easiest and most known ways to earn points. Point accounts will usually give you points in exchange for watching, favoriting or llama'ing people that paid for features there. So basically it's a win-win. People get points for giving feedback and people earn feedback for giving points. There might be a couple flaws in the ways of earning points via this way but it's always seemed to be the best option for me in earning points.
:bulletred: When using a point account, don't watch people you know you won't pay attention to. You'll end up watching tons of people that you don't really care about. It's a trap I tell you! From experience, I was young and dumb and though points were the coolest/best thing in the world and I ended up having over 1000 people in my watchlist. You can imagine my message center.. :stare: 
Just make sure what you actually do on a point account doesn't affect you long term. Because the after effects are not pleasant. :grump:


There is almost always a giveaway running on deviantART (One who predominately runs them is Slambaux ;)), although they may require some sort of way of passage (to enter the giveaway. xD), they are pretty simple. Although you may think giveaways are easy, do not always test your luck with these, especially ones that require you to either watch, or make a journal. 
If you want to read the couple of downsides to giveaways (more like a lot.), check this.
:bulletgreen: Always make sure you show good sportsmanship. Nobody likes a sore loser.


Something I recommend a bit more than a giveaway because you don't have a 1 in a 1000 odds of winning. :giggle: Like giveaways, there tend to be some ALWAYS running. And if you don't like those, deviantART even hosts some official contests for people like you to join. Although this is mostly based on artistic talent, you will have more likely of a chance to win with a contest rather than a giveaway.
:bulletgreen: As above, make sure to show good sportsmanship even if you loose. 

Sell Stuff!

This is one the one where you will earn more efficiently out of all the other choices provided above. With the new commissions widget, you are now allowed to change the points you earn using that widget into cold hard cash (but we aren't talkin about that now. ;)). Commissions are very easy to sell if you know how to present yourself and don't overprice yourself or don't sell yourself short (believe it or not, low prices drive people away too. :noes: ). Adoptables also fall under this category. But have a slightly different set of rules. 
:bulletred: Don't draw a red wolf and expect to paid for it. Adoptables are meant to be unique, add polkadots , feathers, the more unique the better (but not too hard! Making an adoptable too hard to draw will also throw away customers.). :meow:

Ask people

This one, I do NOT recommend. It'll only get you hate comments and you will be seen as a beggar. That's the worse way to go if you want points. I wouldn't even ask my friends for points, let alone a stranger? :no:
Instead of begging, create a donation box. If people want to donate, they will! You might get lucky. :la:

Llama trades

"There are people who want llamas and are willing to give points to others to get more. Depending on how often you check for active trades, you could get one to two points a day and it adds up over time." :nod:

Buy them!

This is the best and probably the easiest way to get points into your possession. You don't have have to go through any hassle. You get them right there and then. You can buy points here. :eager:

Premium Content

This is kinda of confusing but you can also earn points from here.

You can sell backgrounds, journal skins, bases etc. Through using the download button shown on deviations. You are given the option to do so during the submission process. Basically, if somebody wants to have or use your deviation, they will have to pay a fee (of whatever you set) and then the download will be unlocked.

Games / Activities

These are the funnest way to earn points. Places like communityrelations, The12DaysOfChristmas, etc.

Occasionally, deviants host fun activities (Scavenger hunts, Scuzzles, etc...)  for deviants to play in exchange for points and more. Some require more work than others but nonetheless, it's still fun. :dummy:


A "kiriban" is used for profile pages made for whoever gets a specific number on something like page views.

Most require you to screenshot it and get the exact number.

Now you know how to earn yourself a couple of points! Now go out there and earn them! :eager:

Those are all the ways I know how to earn points up to now. If you have another technique. Please tell me so I can add it! :B

For you guys that have always been asking. Finally here it is.

I'll continue to write more of these because I think they are really fun but I never have time to finish them. :noes:
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FrencineMPercy Jan 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I've never understood Adoptables... Is it just to paint something "mediocre-unique" and post it and write "Adoptables"? IDK xD
iDJPanda Jan 13, 2014  Student General Artist
Well. Some adoptables are pretty nice while others are just like meh because they hope to get points. I've never really adopted much though. But making it unique, yes. Mediocre, not so much.
Emberguard Jan 13, 2014   General Artist
In a way it's a bit like how little kids play dress up to copy the adults. In the art industry there are professional artists who draw designs for companies and can get paid anything from $800-$2000+ from a small company per character (that price is probably in part due to any and all copyright to that character having to be transferred to the company). But those would be commissioned characters as opposed to 'adoptables' where people on DA create a character and then put it up for sale. My guess is someone at some point came up with the idea to try and copy the industry and sell some characters while calling them "adoptables". Or maybe they got the inspiration from something else, there have been adoptable fads over the years such as Neopets and Tamagotchis. 
FrencineMPercy Jan 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
M'kay, sounds.... Complicated xD But I mostly wanted to know how to, just. If it's just to draw something and put it up for sale, since I've always wanted points to buy adoptables on dA and maybe even get a premium membership.
Emberguard Jan 13, 2014   General Artist
Yeah, that's basically it. Some people are willing to sign contracts when selling them, almost no one mentions contracts though.
FrencineMPercy Jan 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Okay, thanks. :)
IceXDragon Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I plz haz points? lol, just kidding.:XD:

Very good article!:clap: Another way you can get points is premium content!:la: You can sell journal skins, wips, higher resolution files, stock files, and more stuff by using premium content.:giggle:
iDJPanda Jan 13, 2014  Student General Artist
Added a few more ways to earn. They just popped up. xD
IceXDragon Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
iDJPanda Jan 13, 2014  Student General Artist
yus plz. i'll send somes right naoo

Thank you for telling me! I totally forgot about that. I'm gonna add it. c:
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